New interfaces and more software for the Wince based Head Units.

Skins & skinmanager


The S100 was the first head unit I started working on.

Beginning with little icons modifications (Skin2)  I continued developing Skins for this platform.

Trying to make interfaces with nice looks and good layouts, easyer to use and better to see.


In the same time I devevolped a tool that was intended to be used to easily switch skins  (the Skinmanager for S100) but that now has become a more complicated application that will allow the user to change almost everything on the unit without the need of a pc.


Skinmanager can do:

- Install, uninstall or update skins

- Install, uninstall or update  extra software like HobDrive. Opera10, etc..

- Replace the default player with 2 alternatives

- Patch\Unpatch the system

- Change firmware without flashing it

- Add custom languages

- even more....

KoTiX custom ROM & TOOLS


Once upon a time...  at the beginning of 2014 a very brave Dutch guy discovered a way to convert his wince S100 into its equivalent android S150.

This method consisted of some linux commands to fuse a special bootloader on a first partition of the sdcard. Starting from this point I found better and esayer ways to reach the same results using windows programs and later on was found also the way to switch back to wince.

So having the right tools to switch back and forward between android and wince, why not starting making some custom ROMs with better functions and looking?


Now after 2 years I 'm here again developing a new "Lollipized" ROM with new graphic and new functions but also new ways to convert your S100 to S150 and your S150 to S100.


kitkat adventure on rk3188


The S160 platform is builded around the rk3188 chipset and it runs android kitkat 4.4.

The original firmware, even if it come with gapps preloaded, unfortunately has some flaws that leave this unit incomplete  and with a really bad look with its ugly s100 interface.

My work on this unit consist of adding some features like root access and 2Gb user memory but also a better looking UI.



Custom ROMs, Skins and Conversion tools for the android ICS 4.03 Platform based Head units


Custom ROMs and Skins for the android KK 4.4 Platform based Head units



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