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Main Features


- The Rom is pre-rooted

- Playstore error and playservices are  fixed

- It has more languages like Dutch, Swedish, etc..

- Many languages has been corrected by users

- 4 selectable Skins: Original, Kotix, Tune, Navisson

- Colorizer tool to change strings colors in main applications

- Option to show Frequency or Station name in radio bookmarks

- Radio station list show Frequency and RDS name

- The Audi/wince interface can be disabled in Settings

- Bootanimation can be disabled/enabled in Settings

- Root Access can be diasabled permanently

- it's always updated to latest roadnav firmware available

- All the Google apps are up to date

- Can replace Gapps with microG

- The System partition is increased to 800Mb

- The Available user memory is increased to 2, 4 or 8GB

- It has Viper4android

- Mirrorlink available through Easyconnect app for Android and IOS

- XposedInstaller, GravityBox and AppSettigns  in Settings screen

- Manage Autostarts

- Various graphical enhancement

- Better layout in Bluetooth sections for a more friendly usage

- Updates can be flashed using Flashfire without loosing user data

- Apps number in Steering wheel Mode menu can be changed

- It has 4 clock widgets and 2 player widgets

- 4 Home Launchers

- and more is coming...