S160 Customized Firmware (17/01/2017)

A new version of my custom rom is available in my "Gdrive" dated 31/12/2016 and an even newer update is ready now as a Flashfire zip package (update_for_31.12.2016.zip). This update is intended to be used as an update of the 31/12 version (i'll not be responsable if you use it in other rom versions).

UPDATE 17.01.2017: A full rom with all the previous updates included is available now

Changelog at 13.01.2017: - a new base firmware dated 24 December - Radio Stations listed by station RDS name - Sligthly changed graphic in carsettings screens (Audio, SWC) - S160keys fix

Changelog at 31.12.2016 : - Update to firmware 21.12.2016 - Added option in CustomSetting to change colors in audio player text - Various Kotix Skin re-styles in audio player, Bluetooth section, Radio - Forced SD read cache to 8192 Kb - Updated all apps to 24.12(Supersu,Google, etc..) - removed reboot button from status bar that was causing more troubles. - Fixed SU: no more update request! - Added internal sd to settings->partition info (removed Cache) Previous changelog: - Fixed Radio station focus color in list view - Fixed music widget artwork issue, changed background. - Added Color Customization tool for Radio text of Original and Kotix skins - Changed Settings icons with colored ones - Changed KoTiX Mods settings and added option to disable root permanently - Reduce text size of Stations Bookmarks - Added better translations for German, Italian and French languages - Fixed audio focus issue between radio and navi app - Updated to fw version 28.10.2016 (MCU: 61608200 / 01609290, FLASH: A009) - Updated all apps to 24.11 - Changed various apps icons - Added Artist tag in music widget and fixed its layout - Added Digital Clock III widget - Changed radio screen layout - Added reboot button in status bar - Added Spectrum Visualizer in Notification panel and Visualizer settings - Added KoTiX security check.

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