S160 KoTiX ROM 30.07.2017 (04.05.2017 fw base) with Opengapps

A new version of my ROM is available in my gdrive. It's based on the 04.05.2017 original firmware.

The most significant change is that i replaced the google apps with Opengapps to fix the music player audio cuts and for an overall faster response of the unit.

I added also the application Opengapps Downloader so (in case you 'll need in a future to update them) you can easily download the updated Opengapps zip file and use Flashfire to flash it.

Here is the changelog:

29.07.2017 - Fixed Update.config now has "1" as default

28.07.2017 - Changed order in Setttngs/Informations screen and added Navimods Label

25.07.2017 - Changed Bootanimation with NaviMods

21.07.2017 - Added OpenGapps downloader app

20.07.2017 - Replaced Gapps with OpenGapps

19.07.2017 - Replaced AdBlock with AdAway

18.07.2017 - Added options to change Strings Colors in Tune Skin

30.06.2017 - Updated to firmware base 04/05/2017

All the third party apps has been updated and in my Gdrive there is also a new version of Easyconnect for mirrorlink function with Android and IOS phones.

If you'd like to buy it, please go in the shop/s160 section of my site:


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