S160 KoTiX ROM 04.03.2018 (04.05.2017 fw base)

March 11, 2018

Has been a while since my last post on the blog but this not because i stopped working on my mods for S160, just because i have less spare time after i changed my main job.

Anyway here are the latest additions and modifications that i did in the last months for S160 Roadnav head units:


A new Launcher 3X with selectable side buttons

New audio player layout with albumart image/background and music visualizer.

New CD player layout


New Nougat Icons for the statusbar  and a screensaver (moon)button on it. Navimods settings now include more options like screensaver, visualizers and boot animations.



 The screenaver with music visualizer



Some demonstration videos:




Here is the Changelog since last november:


01.03.2018 - Updated all Gapps to latest version.

26.02.2018 - Screensaver button in statusbar is enabled by default.

25.02.2018 - Added Daydream settings in Display settings just for testing purposes

22.02.2018 - Added Music Visualizer settings to Navimods Sttings

20.02.2018 - Added Music Visualizer to Audioplayer and Screensaver

18.02.2018 - Removed audio Visualizer from statusbar

10.02.2018 - Added Screensaver button to statusbar

05.02.2018 - Changed Navigation bar Icons with Nougat versions

09.01.2018 - Fixed "no Playlist" bug after reboot, reverting mediascanner to original 0504 fw version

12.12.2017 - Rebased the rom to older firmware version (04/05/2017) because of stability problems

03.12.2017 - Added italian translation to Navimods menu

01.12.2017 - Added Bootanimation selector in Navimods

20.11.2017 - Updated Font Changer

15.11.2017 - Added OEM option in Navimods settings

10.11.2017 - Skinned CD player screen

06.11.2017 - Fixed playstore bug
        - Added missing signature spoofing
03.11.2017 - Updated Rom to 06 September 2017 firmware base
30.10.2017 - Music player in kotix skin and Tune now show album art in background and in cover square
28.10.2017 - Added Left bar's apps selection in Navimods settings
25.10.2017 - Added new clock WidgetX and MusicX
23.10.2017 - Added Launcher 3X
19.10.2017 - Fixed KoTiXskin bug
16.10.2017 - Added default settings for statusbar (Back Button on right side)
12.10.2017 - Addded Potato Clock in Status Bar mods menu
01.10.2017 - Added StatusBar Mods Menu and Status Bar Settings options in Navimods menu
27.09.2017 - Added BtVoice button in Bluetooth main screen
25.09.2017 - Fixed AppSetting module issue. Removed GravityBox
23.09.2017 - Fixed wincaserver volume issue
20.09.2017 - Revert back to standard GAPPS. Removed Opengapps downloader
13.09.2017 - Hidden some apps from launcher to save more room
10.09.2017 - Updated some Gapps and other apps
30.08.2017 - Added Kotix Modifications subcategory in SystemMods menu
22.08.2017 - Added Media Scanner options in Navimods->System Mods. (I recommend to use in combination Media Re.Scan app)
12.08.2017 - Removed xposed modules from settings (they are available in xposed installer)
10.08.2017 - Added NAVIMODS menu in settings
03.08.2017 - Added Font Type Changer in Display settings
02.08.2017 - Changed Display&Mods to more standard Display only setting

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